Born & Bred

Re-brand / Branding / Identity Design / Website / Marketing / Strategy

“We need to rebrand our business to continue it’s growing success. We need to exploit it’s niche position as a Yorkshire recipebox which showcases our family of handpicked artisan suppliers.”

Geoff Allen
Co-founder & Director, Born & Bred

Firstly we had to undertake a thorough audit of the growing recipe box market to establish a new brand positioning. Followed by collaborative workshops to develop a new brand name and logo which reflects the premium artisan offering of the brand.

We recognised that we could exploit the market in two areas; one being a recipe box that offers deli style regional products wrapped up in the recipe box format; two being a premium recipe box offering which could position itself quickly in a rapidly growing market.

We developed a simple, clean aesthetic that stood out from the more commercial look of the competitors. The challenge was to create a brand that felt approachable, sophisticated, Yorkshire and foodie.

By keeping the type clean and iconography simple and decisive we could create a contemporary brand that immediately told the consumer it’s story.

The client was confident that once the customer got the recipe box they would realise the difference from the competitors in the market. We realised that we needed to convey the quality of product and service at point of contact, therefore a more compelling story-telling approach had to be taken with the promotional photography.

The Results

“The final solution to the initial brief surpassed all our expectations. We were confident at every point of the process that we were in very safe hands. The outcome was immediate upsale on launch.”

Geoff Allen
Co-founder & Director, Born & Bred