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The value of social media

Rachel Woodward-Black

At Redbak we are often asked about the benefits of social media and the impact it can have on a business. We regularly hear the same questions; “Will it make me any money?”, “Do people really pay attention” and of course the classic “What’s the point?”.

In reality, social media marketing has a range of benefits…


1. Get found more easily, more often

Social media can help your business get discovered online in a whole host of different ways. For a start, businesses active on social media will appear higher in search engine results such as Google and Bing.

But its fair to say that modern consumers do not always seek the help of search engines when they want to find out more information on a product or service – often it is done via a platform that is more comfortable for them, such as Facebook or Twitter.


2. Give your brand a personality

It’s no secret that people like to deal with people and not businesses. Social media can help to create an identity and personality for your product or service, giving customers and prospects something to relate to.


3. Extend your reach

When you share content online, initially it’s seen by (some of) the people who follow your account. Should they decide to share this content, it’s then seen by anyone following their account. This of course means your content always has the ability to be seen by people outside of your existing audience.

And that’s without even considering paid options. Most social networks now have the ability to “promote” your posts for a small fee to people based on their personal information ranging from their age and gender to their hobbies and interests.


4. Increase traffic to your website

By regularly sharing relevant, engaging content, social media can help to increase your web traffic – and its not just about the number of “hits” your website gets, its about the quality of the traffic. People clicking through to your website via content shared on social media are much more likely to already have an interest in what your business has to offer. Otherwise, why would they be on your social media pages in the first place?


5. It’s cost effective

Compared to traditional forms of marketing, social media is fairly cheap. Social networks are one of the effective low-cost methods of getting your brand in front of existing and potential customers, with no cost incurred outside of your time spent.

Of course, if social media exceeds your expectations to the point you are unable to dedicate enough time to managing your networks, there are many affordable solutions available varying from apps which allow you to schedule multiple posts at once, to marketing and social media companies which will effectively do the work for you.



6. Position your business as industry experts

Trust is an important thing when it comes to business. If people are going to put their trust in your products or services, first they must have trust in your brand. By positioning yourself as an expert on the industry within which you operate, people ultimately have more faith in your business.

Giving advice, hints and tips not only demonstrates how knowledgeable your business is, but also provides a great incentive for people to come back to your page again and again.


7. Your reputation, customer feedback and providing good customer service

Ever been on Trip Advisor to seek out reviews on a hotel or restaurant you were thinking of visiting? Perhaps at some point you have told your Facebook friends about a great new product you’ve bought? Social media allows you to see what is being said about your products and services, and make the most of positive comments.

But what about the negative comments you receive? Well, these provide an excellent opportunity for you to turn the most irritated of customers into a loyal supporter by offering a helpful response.


8. Engagement makes people more likely to buy from you

It may seem like an obvious one, but engagement with your audience on social media gives you a fantastic opportunity to not only generate sales by advertising your products and services, but also provides a platform for incentives such as competitions and special offers.


9. Gain a greater understanding of your audience

When an individual signs up to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, they volunteer personal information such as age, gender, interests, job description and more. What better way to find out more about your target audience?


So, in summary…

Social media is a marketing tool like many others – it can be extremely beneficial when utilised effectively. Of course, every business is different and its important to do your research before deciding which social networks will and won’t be an effective extension of your marketing strategy, as well as the type of content you share.

If you’d like to discuss your current social media presence, or are yet to embrace the concept, call us on 01484 665 595 for a no-obligation chat about how Redbak can help.

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