Huddersfield Mission

Charity Appeal / Marketing / Strategy / Website

“We need help in the creation and execution of our first ever public charity appeal. We want to increase our profile and number of supporters while raising as much money as possible from the corporate and public sector.”

Paul Bridges
Manager of the Huddersfield Mission

The idea was to launch the appeal with a corporate event at the Huddersfield Mission with the campaign to run from December until February. Prior to this we wanted to do a pre-awareness campaign which drove interest and intrigue and would be PR-able.

We wanted to highlight the many areas in which Huddersfield Mission gives advice and support. This was achieved by placing balloons in sensitive areas around Huddersfield, highlighting a particular issue The Mission deals with on a day-to-day basis. It was the hope that the abstract nature of the balloons would cause people to take a picture and upload it on to social media with the hashtag #everystory.

This was followed up by the official launch event. Invites were sent to local businesses around Huddersfield. Our aim was to create more intrigue without giving the whole campaign away. We did this by creating a bookmark-style printed invite and a teaser ad that could be used digitally.

Once at the event the local businesses were given a booklet highlighting the appeal and the great work The Mission does helping many people in and around the area.

The main campaign was then revealed. This was driven by a poster appeal which actioned people to either visit the Just Giving page or donate by text. We were also aware that we needed to alter the campaign message for the new year to make the appeal more effective.

From launch we developed an engaging appeal across social media. We created a plan for The Mission which they were able to follow to maximise the audience impact. We also equipped them with various on-campaign activities which they were able to execute throughout the campaign to drive more awareness.

All in all this has been a project close to our hearts and we are delighted that it has helped The Mission raise funds, risen their profile but most of all given them more of a chance to help the people of Huddersfield.

The Results

“We had ambitious plans to raise our profile and also a significant amount of money in our first every public appeal. As a charity it is important that our values are clearly understood and communicated. Redbak took the time to understand what we are about and then produced a campaign that not only worked within all our needs but also was creative and imaginative. We have found that Redbak are professional but also great to work with, a professional friend.”

Paul Bridges
Manager of the Huddersfield Mission