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“To help maintain our brand’s position as an industry-leading provider of flexible space and acoustic comfort to the office fit-out sector, we require on-going support in the form of website and graphic design services.”

Ben Speight
Marketing Manager

Creatif Website

In an era when the open-plan workplace is identifying an increased need for flexible space and acoustic control, Creatif needed to affirm their position as a leader in the design and supply of products that enhance human comfort, productivity and interaction.

Firstly we needed to redefine their product offerings by consolidating them into 3 distinct ranges aligning their functionality and benefits.

We wanted to allow the customer to easily digest what Creatif had to offer and also the proposition of each of the product ranges. We achieved this by creating short videos that would engage the customer while giving them the relevant information and product functionality.

With Creatif we have an ongoing challenge to communicate to two distinct target audiences; one being aesthetically-driven interior designers and the other being contracts managers who are more technically minded and price driven.