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Weve main
“We need a website that reflects the dynamic nature of the business. We need a solution that is forward thinking, contemporary and will stand out from our competitors”
Danny Saba
Marketing & Research Executive
Weve Sky case study
watch dogs weve case study

As the UK’s only telco-driven data company, WEVE needed an online solution that would showcase the cutting edge nature of the business. Dynamic, compelling and easy to manage were key aspects to the overall solution therefore we created a package that had all the bells and whistles front end while still being easy to manage back end. 

Animated wheel showing Weve's core disciplines

We needed to have a good grasp of the multi-layered offering of WEVE’s business model and then relate this to the customer in easy digestible methods. This was done by creating interactive infographics which allowed the customer to absorb large amounts of information quickly.

Example of what Weve do
Example of what Weve do
Example of what Weve do

The challenge was to make sure the customers dynamic experience was experienced across all platforms. At all touch points we had to take into account how this would translate to tablet and to mobile. We had to concentrate on load times giving the consumer a smooth premium experience while still delivering on impact.

Showcase of our work with Weve
“Redbak produced a showstopping website. As soon as you land on the homepage you’re immediately captivated and this filters through the entire site, thanks to a fluid design and innovative use of animation. The Redbak team understood our brief from the get go and went above and beyond to deliver a website that’s been incredibly well received both internally and externally.”
Danny Saba
Marketing & Research Executive