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“Our restaurant is to evoke the values of a home cooked family meal. A place where, at anytime of day, customers can pop in and feel completely at home eating amazing contemporary food. We need a brand identity that reflects this.”
Johana Graham
Founder & Director, HOME
Initial sketches and designs for HOME's brand identity

The client was very passionate about the HOME experience transending the daytime diner to evening eatery all the while feeling comfortable and friendly, a HOME from home. We decided the logo should be simple and the colour palette should feel contemporary but familiar.

Home logo
The HOME Logo is interchangeable for events all year round

We wanted to distil the logo down to a simple brand marque that could lend itself to multiple useage. To soften the holistic brand we introduced the illustrations which drove home the sharing nature of British tapas.

HOME food illustrations used brand wide
Delicious food available at HOME

The design of the menu wanted to replicate the photography and feel clean but exciting and reflect the WOW nature of the food coming to the table. We used the strength of the colour palette to assign each menu a colour that would aid the staff in which menu to offer when.

The culmination of the eclectic homely interior, clean, confident design and modest colour palette created a need for a welcoming exterior that still felt contemporary and would stand out on the busy high street of Lindley, Huddersfield.

This was achieved by working closely with the project manager to deliver a solution that could be delivered on time and on budget while creating maximum impact to draw the customer in to the welcoming atmosphere and great food inside.

Example of work designed for Home
“Our vision was fully executed by Redbak. We gave them an extremely tight deadline and they delivered without any compromise on quality or budget with fantastic results and most importantly great reviews.”
Johana Graham
Founder & Director, HOME